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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Definitions of Libertarianism

According to Short Definitions of Libertarianism, the American Heritage Dictionary defines ďlibertarianĒ as an advocate of the maximization of individual rights and the minimization of the role of the state. By that definition, yes, I am a libertarian. ďSelf-government,Ē itís also called. Well, I must say I agree with that as well. However, the underlying philosophy of most libertarians in the public eye is more libertine than libertarian, and Iím afraid Iím going to have to differ on that point.

Am I a libertarian? The Worldís Smallest Political Quiz seems to think so, but Iím not sure (though I scored 100% libertarian on economic and 80% libertarian on personal issues). I think Iíd rather have legalized drugs than soft-pedaled drug legislation, and we havenít had a real conservative in the Republican Party for a long time.

Give it a few more years. Iím bound and determined to have liberty, and in five or ten more years, the Libertarian Party (whatever disagreements I may have with them) may be its sole guardian and advocate. Until then, well, thereís always breathing life into stiffened corpses, I suppose. I guess Iíll try that.