An Illusory Intertwingling of Reason and Response

Musings: “Cogitations of an Addled Mind,” one might call it, or “Mr. Toad’s Adventure,” for that matter. Most of what I write stems from a long brooding process, and here I present to you, raw and untamed, the results. (Some musings are on a devotional note, and others are seasonally-oriented.)

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

On Pied Pipers

Music has a strange power, there is no doubt; and I think a pied piper is not so far off from reality. I’m listening to a Celtic song called “Seacht”. I know not from whence comes its strange power, but I find its odour permeating my mind. Its physical presence in the air around me exerts a strong, steady, and pleasant pressure on my skull.

Music has an odd way about it. I was getting ready for church, and sat down to listen to the song: it has me transfixed. It’s so relaxing I can feel my mind sloughing off all early-morning stresses and cares. I don't know how it’s working, or why. I don’t even understand Gaelic, so I have no idea what the song is about. (“Seacht” is too common a Gaelic word to facilitate finding the lyrics of the song online.)

And the moment is gone. I spoke and was spoken to, and am released from the spell. Such a strange magic . . . I do believe I would have followed such music the the very heart of a mountain.

Scraps, July 28th, 2004.