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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

SCase (Sentence Case) v1 for Blosxom

Mood: Geeky
Mood: Geeky

Download SCase v1

SCase allows the use of capitalized directory names without losing theability to resolve lowercase URIs. Currently only makes the path case-insensitive: filenames in permalinks are still case-sensitive.

1. Converts the requested path, $blosxom::path_info, to sentence caseallowing all-lowercase urls to be used.

This is useful since very few people (in the ordinary, mundane sense of the word: I would never be grouping anyone who would have occasion to read thisas one of the masses) know that URIs are case-sensitive. Out of laziness, mostpeople type only lowercase letters, even if the path contains uppercaseletters. This allows an all-lowercase path to "find" its capitalizedcounterpart.

2. Provides all-lowercase story path ($blosxom::path) to be used in links.To turn this option on, uncomment line 18. Really only useful if you areusing capitalized directory names but for some reason only want to presentlowercase links to the world at large.

Future Work: I'd like to extend the functionality to case-insensitive file-names ($blosxom::fn), for truly case-insensitive permalinks. Unfortunately,that's a bit out of my league. Some help, maybe?

SCase was inspired by the lcase plugin by Jonathan Lundquist. (Mirror)