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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Using the Search Function

Tafelmusik uses Fletcher Penny’s Find plugin. It is actually quite a powerful tool, even though the interface is extremely simple.

The most powerful feature is its ability to use regular expressions (regexes). An thorough explanation of their construction is beyond the scope of this document, but I urge you to consult a reputable regex tutorial.

Advanced Options

The “Search” function allows you to choose whether to search only in the current locale (topic, month, et cetera), or across the entire scope of Tafelmusik. The “Match” functions allow you to toggle between default OR behaviour and AND behaviour (“Any” and “All”); and as well, whether to allow partial matches, or to require the search terms to be matched explicitly. Much more flexibility is actually available by familiarizing yourself with the search patterns below and using them in Basic mode.

For the more common functions and search patterns, I refer you to the find documentation, the relevant portions of which are provided.

From the documentation:

This plugin is capable of handling the following search terms:

  • term1 term2; term1 or term2
    • These match any page with term1 OR term2
  • term1 and term2; +term1 +term2
    • These match any page with both term1 AND term2
  • term1 not term2; term1 -term2
    • This matches pages with term1 that DO NOT contain term2
  • term1 not (term2 term3)
    • This matches pages with term1 that DO NOT contain term2 OR term3
  • "term1 term2 term3"
    • This matches the exact phrase, term1 term2 term3
  • " pen "
    • This will match the word "pen", but not the word "pencil".

You can also use regular expressions within your search terms to further refine your searches, creating a very powerful search engine.