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Monday, January 10, 2005

Welcome to Passage to Serendipity

Passage is my newest weblog. I have used Blogger for a good while to serve all off my weblogs, since it had the best implementation of my one essential feature: post-by-email.

However, Blogger lacks sorely in many areas. First, it has no mechanism to export entries as an easily-portable database. I suppose this is to keep people tied to the platform, but I for one was loth to allow to great a quantity of entries develop in such a difficult-to-access form.

Blosxom (along with the utility, ePyp) has solved those problems. Not only am I now able to run maintain my own category-based weblogging software, but I can perform almost all needed maintenance from the comfort of my email account.

Passage supercedes and replaces Scraps and Harbour in the Scramble. With the availability of categories for my entires now, I am beginning to use Blosxom to exclusively serve my journals as categories of the whole journal. (For instance, Harbour was my opinion weblog. It is now going to live diffused throughout PS Blosxom-space, attached to whatever category seems to be most relevant.

I hope you enjoy the site; and do please poke around and come back to see if anything has changed over the weekend.