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Friday, July 08, 2005

Sehrgut Anachronism

I’ve just launched a new subsection of Sehr Gut Web: Sehrgut Anachronism (housing the Codex Anachronisticus: Sehr Gut). Here I&rsqou;ll be depositing all my anachronistic researches and pursuits.

Currently, the Codex is comprised of some ink-related recipes: namely the preparation of yellow dextrine (“British gum”) from corn starch, testing gum solutions for starch using iodine, and the preparation of a dextrine-bound Prussian Blue writing ink using Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Alice in Wonderland Pages

I love all things Alice, and always will. In tribute to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, I’ve begun some basic pages on the books.

The major focus as yet, however, is not on the books themselves, but on another tribute work, The Alice in Wonderland Suite, by Lucien Desar. This fabulous twenty-minute musical Caterpillar's toadstool will bring you into the world of the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, and of course the Cheshire Cat, in an entirely new way. In the grand tradition of Peter and the Wolf, the Rabbit is a piano, the Cheshire Cat is a trumpet, the Mad Hatter is a cello, and Alice is a soprano.

Visit the Sehr Gut Web Alice In Wonderland Pages.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


You will notice entries occasionally (and more so currently, since I have less writing time right now) bearing a “Scraps” byline. These are re-edited and reworked pieces from my former set of Blogger-based weblogs. As a writer, I never see a piece as finished: my writings will be final only upon my death. Therefore, I welcome this weblog as a new venue for many of these older works. I hope you enjoy them at least as much this second time (or more, since they ought to be somewhat better). You be the judge: each byline links to the original piece.

— Sehrgut

Monday, January 10, 2005

I Knew Him, Horatio

Shameless Plug Alert: My DeadJournal (don’t you have a DeadJournal?), I Knew Him, Horatio, is now email-ready. Through the wonders of XML-RPC, the Blosxom plugin API, and the technical stylings of The Satya (specifically the Blosxom2LJ Blosxom plugin) and Ben Thorpe (with his ePyp email weblogging tool, every post I place on my Blosxom weblog, Passage to Serendipity, shows up seconds later at Horatio.

Now I just have to stop this stupid multiplicity bug. Every post gets echoed and re-echoed to DJ. Hmmm . . .

Welcome to Passage to Serendipity

Passage is my newest weblog. I have used Blogger for a good while to serve all off my weblogs, since it had the best implementation of my one essential feature: post-by-email.

However, Blogger lacks sorely in many areas. First, it has no mechanism to export entries as an easily-portable database. I suppose this is to keep people tied to the platform, but I for one was loth to allow to great a quantity of entries develop in such a difficult-to-access form.

Blosxom (along with the utility, ePyp) has solved those problems. Not only am I now able to run maintain my own category-based weblogging software, but I can perform almost all needed maintenance from the comfort of my email account.

Passage supercedes and replaces Scraps and Harbour in the Scramble. With the availability of categories for my entires now, I am beginning to use Blosxom to exclusively serve my journals as categories of the whole journal. (For instance, Harbour was my opinion weblog. It is now going to live diffused throughout PS Blosxom-space, attached to whatever category seems to be most relevant.

I hope you enjoy the site; and do please poke around and come back to see if anything has changed over the weekend.