Bonny Green Isles


I’ve always loved Celtic music, especially that of the Irish persuasion. Now, I am only 1/16th Ulster Scot (Scots-Irish, Scotch-Irish), but I figure that gives me enough Celtic blood to have some right to the music, eh? After all, I’ve been told that Celtic blood takes precedence over any other comers . . .

As far as other Celtaica goes (I "coined" that word, and then googled for a spelling authority. Apparently only Dave McNab has used the word elsewhere, and that makes me feel special.), I've an inordinate interest in the Gaelic languages: particularly Manx Gaelic, since it's recently extinct (1930s-1960s). I also love Gaelige (Irish Gaelic), for the sound it has. There's a particular mournful lilt that's just not possible to capture musically in other languages — even in English-language Irish music.

I've never cared as much for the Scottish (Alba) side of things: the Scots are rougher in song, custom, and even in language. However, the bagpipe is, though universally a Celtic instrument, specially in the Scottish purview. And I love bagpipes.

While I adore the music, I have a great love for all things Irish (odd, since I have more an excuse for Scottish), and hope to transmit a bit of that love of the Celts to you. Enjoy!


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