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“. . . I was about to write: and I heard a voice . . .” —Revelation 10:4

A Psalm

1. Oh LORD, whose name is Jah, thou art my master.

2. Oh Lord my God, with my life will I serve Thee, for there is none to challenge Thee, and no one can stand against Thee.

3. Thou hast created the world; all of Thy creation hast Thou made:

4. The trees, and the birds which therein nest, the beasts, and the creeping things;

5. Even that which creepeth shall praise Thee.

6. There is none that makest Thee say O, but all bow down before Thee.

7. Those who bow not down, Thou shalt destroy; but Thou shalt lift them up that lift up Thy name.

8. Oh Lord, Who Art, I am Thy beloved; for Thou hast made me to know joy.

9. Rejoicing shall be my portion, for I praise Thee; but they shall weep in the end that curse Thee.

10. All my days will I praise the God That Healeth Me, for He hath healed all nations, and mended breaches therein.

11. He also will be my strength and my safety; He saveth even them which trust in His name.

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