A New Metre

“Oh that my words . . . were printed in a book!” —Job 19:23

Further Ado: About A New Metre

Metre can be many different things. I have chosen, as the most natural, a metre inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s speech metres. Anapests, trochees, and other classical metrical devices are not necessary: I consider only the natural accents in natural speech (though sometimes, as in the best poetry of all eras, these accents do form classical feet). These poems should not be read stop-and-start at the end of each line — but then, no poem should be read that way. Read each one as if it were a natural sentence and the poem will come out. You will find my New Metre.

Also, please be aware that is a forum for airing my poetry for criticism. If you have something to say, by all means, say it! I will listen to it, perhaps act on it, and if I really like it, (with your permission) post it on the site.


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